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ООО Экорост

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922026  ekorost
Country/Territory Russia
Phone +7 (4912) 51‒18‒59
Contact Oleg Mansurov
Dmitry Tikhonov

Since 2014 the Ekorost Company dedicates to production of humic goods from a peat: organic fertilizers, soil-modificators, feeding additives according to the newest technology that provides a high efficiency of each product. The company is registered in the Ryazan region nearby Moscow. Our products are certified and passed tests in place with the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia and several foreign countries regulators. We successfully supply our products to a few countries, including Kazakhstan, Serbia, Italy, Iran, Egypt, etc. For production we use only up-to-date equipment and innovation patented technology that ensures not only maximum efficiency but also safety (bionomic for humans and animals) of every product. The high content of nutrients in the peat of our field allows the company Ekorost confidently compete with producers of humic acids throughout the world.

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