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Stiftung Haus der Bauern

Foundation "House of Farmers"

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Country/Territory Germany
Phone +49 (0) 7954 / 9215 47- 0
Contact Ulrike Gabert

The “Haus der Bauern” foundation in Schwäbisch Hall supports freedom, cultural self-determination and social fairness for the agricultural and rural population in the Hohenlohe region, in Europe and beyond. It is modelled on Albert Schweitzer’s ethic: respect for life.

Agriculture by small farmers is an essential contribution to the production of food, the fight against hunger and poverty worldwide and the preservation of natural resources and living conditions. Nevertheless, small farmers are hardly represented in the societies of this earth; they are always among the poorest segments of the population. There is a lack of programs and measures to support rural development, to protect the rights and the indigenous knowledge of the native farming population.

The small farmers and the rural residents belong to the social group that is most affected by the effects of globalisation. Agricultural land, seeds and indigenous knowledge are increasingly being taken over and capitalised by the multinational corporations and are therefore being taken away from the rural societies.

Although 70 percent of the food worldwide is produced by small farmers, they have only 30 percent of the arable land. Since small farmers also use primarily organic farming methods for the regional supply of food, they contribute to the efficient use of resources and integrity of creation.

Together with other organisations and representatives, the “Haus der Bauern” foundation stands for the economical, social and cultural rights and needs of the rural population and small farmers.

The non-profit and charitable foundation is the formal umbrella of Akademie Schloss Kirchberg, an academy for organic agriculture and food being located at Schloss Kirchberg (Kirchberg Castle) in Kirchberg an der Jagst/ Germany.

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