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Veronique Chable


VĂ©ronique Chable is a senior scientist at INRA (Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique), Rennes in France. She has coordinated EU projects since 2007. She is coordinator of DIVERSIFOOD, a H2020 project (2015-2019). Through multi-actors, trans-disciplinary approaches, these programs evaluate and enrich the diversity of cultivated plants within diverse agroecosystems so as to increase their performance, resilience and quality, re-discovering genetic resources of species and developing ad...

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VetAgro Sup, service ABioDoc


ABioDoc, the French resource center on organic farming, is a documentation center, that contains a collection specialized in organic agriculture, with technical, economic and regulation references. ABioDoc offers different services to the general public (edition of a monthly bibliographic review, the Biopresse, thematic newsletters, service 'Questions-Answers', management of the most important French-speaking database on organic farming with free access on its website) and an organic stakehol...

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