There are many things that connect people the world over.
Food is one of them. We all have to eat!

Meet the farmers who grow your food. Learn about the challenges they face, the work they do and how we can support them.


Galway, Ireland

“My message to policy-makers is this - Stop listening to agri-business, stop listening the pesticide and herbicide manufacturers. Start listening to your citizens and support small-scale agroecological production”

Joseph Lwevuze

Kampala, Uganda

"By growing bananas & coffee, it is possible for farmers to earn an income on a daily, weekly & monthly basis"

Felix, Christine, Kathi, Lutz


"We merged 2 farms into a cooperative because we think together, you are less alone”

Juan Carlos Mendoza Gonzalez

El Salvador

"We live in poverty. We are the most disadvantaged in the whole supply chain of cane"

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Aurore Juillet


"Good taste is essential for me because I think taste has often been forgotten. If you want to eat healthy, sustainably and locally, come and meet us. We are here to welcome you!"

Jonas Ringqvist


"We need the support of an agricultural policy that supports farming that is good for soil, people and the planet"

Karanja Kinuthia, Sylvia Kuria, Peter Okeyo


"I hope with time our government, and our policy makers, will be able to take us back to drought resistant crops"

Corazon de Raeymaecker


"Local farming is very important for local communities because communities get to know their farmers”

Giacomo Lepre


"We try to take care of our soils, so that the soil finds its own balance and becomes nutritious, welcoming the plants that we then consume."

Franciszek Kesler


"Everything starts when you sow. I keep my farming activities according to the biodynamic calendar and don't put chemicals on my plants."

Gnavo Josephine


Gnavo Josephine, pineapple producer in Togo, shares why organic pineapple production is important for them.

Penny Lange


"We have to rediscover in very many ways how we can actually live on locally produced food."

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Helena Švermová

Czech Republic

"I regard the land as a gift. We try our best to approach it with humility and gratitude."

Mihai Sorin


"If the bees could not pollinate, about 70-80% of the products we consume would disappear”

David Avelar


"Permaculture is about planning human habitats and human systems that imitate the patterns and relationships found in Nature."

Simon Mattsson


"Most of us know how good worms are for soil. Dung beetles are even better"

Yorgos Xepapadakos


"We seek and propose ways through which modern human beings can achieve small but substantial victories in their daily struggle for a better future through the radical change of the conventional production-consumption model."

Jan Dirk & Irene Van de Voort


"Our relationship to animals changed when we stopped using antibiotics."

Ieva Stragytė


"Our parents chose organic farming because of us, so that we could eat fresh vegetables without any chemicals”

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