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25th September, 2020, was the #IGrowYourFood Action day where we celebrated the farmers who grow our food in harmony with nature! Scroll down to see what transpired!

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#IGrowYourFood Videos

Here is a selection of videos submitted to us for this years campaign.
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Francisco Cornejo


“We need more people, more farmers, more young generations to be part of this system.”

Sylvia Kuria

Limuru, Kenya

“To other small-scale women farmers: feed your family first and in no time, you’ll have more than enough to sell that safe produce to other mothers.”

Cornelia Kirchner

Bonn, Germany

“If you want to contribute to protecting bees, grow a diversity of flowers in your garden and avoid chemicals.”



“We need to realise that once our soil is healthy, we human beings are healthy.”

Natalia Salazar Casas


“I call on all organisations to support us in achieving our own food sovereignty.”


United Kingdom

“The farm side of agroecology is only half the picture. Food sovereignty is of vital importance; it's the right for every single person on this Earth to have access to nutritious food and the knowledge of how to prepare it.”

Floris Niu


“I had proof, from my ancestors, that this was the way that we kept ourselves healthy.”

Thales Bevilacqua Mendonça


“We create a much more powerful and productive ecosystem, for us and for future generations.”

Antonio Veiga

São Tomé and Principe

“In my community, I advise colleagues to produce organically so that the families who buy from us can be sure their food is healthy."

Kokou Kekeli Gligbe


"We produce for the local population who don't have the means to buy organic from the supermarket."

Karina Gonçalves David


“Agroecology isn’t just a form of production where we regenerate the soil... we also care for relationships, gender equity, and a fair division of labor.”

Visit our Youtube Playlist to see the rest of the videos!

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