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There are many ways for you to get involved in the #IGrowYourFood action day. Whether you are a farmer, a like-minded organisation, a policymaker or food enthusiast, we can all join!

Create your own contribution

We know that finding the right way to express yourself can often be a challenge, whether you are writing an article, creating a photo story or making a video, we got your back! Take your #IGrowYourFood contribution to the next level by following these tips:

  • Create your own video
  • Start with a sample script
  • Use supporting messages
  • Take better photos
  • Always record consent for footage
  • Edit your videos

Start here!

Are you a like-minded organisation? Let's partner up!

Join the action day using the content we provide in our social media toolkit. Videos, articles, name it! Take this chance to include messages from farmers in your communications strategy using this toolkit.

If you would like to partner with us on #IGrowYourFood, please let us know at

During the action day don't forget to use the hashtag #IGrowYourFood when participating. We want to share your contribution but we won't be able to find you without the hashtag.

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Not a farmer? This is a great chance to connect and show your support!

If you want to celebrate farmers during the #IGrowYourFood action day, you can help us by amplifying their voices. First, share their stories by using the #IGrowYourFood toolkit.

Alternatively, approach a local farmer in your region and share what #IGrowYourFood can offer them. You can help them record their message and share it during the action day.

Join us for #IGrowYourFood

Join us in amplifying farmers’ voices by sharing stories, videos, pictures, memes and articles across social media using the hashtags #IGrowYourFood and #LuvOrganic

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Create Your Own Video

We've put together some tips to making your own video.


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