The #IGrowYourFood Action Day

This year the #IGrowYourFood Action Day will take place on September 9, alongside the Organic World Congress. Find out how to join us below.

Rita, Nigeria

Creating your own video

We know that finding the right way to express yourself can often be a challenge, whether you are writing an article, creating a photo story or making a video, we got your back! Take your #IGrowYourFood contribution to the next level.

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Share farmers’ stories

Share inspiring stories from farmers by using the #IGrowYourFood toolkit. You will find content from previous years as well as brand new content for this year.

Remember: use the hashtag #IGrowYourFood.

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Support a local farmer by producing their videos

Help us amplify the voices of local farmers. Approach a local farmer in your region* and share what #IGrowYourFood can offer them. You can help them record their message and share it during the action day. This is a great chance to get in touch with those who nourish us.

*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, always wear a mask and keep your distance when approaching someone. If you want to record a video, or take a picture, showcase the beautiful landscape where farmers live, please refrain from doing it indoors.

Catch up on the content from our webinars!

Below you can find the presentation from our recent webinars, introducing #IGrowYourFood and the activities we have planned for this year.


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#IGrowYourFood at the Organic World Congress 2021

This year #IGrowYourFood will also be featured in the Farmers Forum at the Organic World Congress 2021. We will interview some of the farmers who contributed to the campaign with their videos as we take your questions and comments live. More details will be disclosed at the end of August.

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Join us for #IGrowYourFood

Join us in amplifying farmers’ voices by sharing stories, videos, pictures, memes and articles across social media using the hashtags #IGrowYourFood and #LuvOrganic

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Create Your Own Video

We've put together some tips to making your own video.


Create your own messages with #IGrowYourFood branding.