The #IGrowYourFood Action Day 2022

Join us on September 14th in sharing farmers' stories from across the globe.

Action Day 2022

2021 Recap!

Meet Rita and Jacob

What is #IGrowYourFood?

Learn more about the global action day!

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Highlights of #IGrowYourFood 2021

Meet some of the farmers who have shared their stories in 2021.

In 2021, #IGrowYourFood became a global action day where farmers and sustainable food and farming advocates make their voices heard and address you, policymakers and anyone interested in showing how organic farming can make a difference and be a pathway to sustainable food systems.

Watch the 2021 Collection



"Regenerative economies allow us young farmers to generate our own opportunities; to investigate and transform the reality of our territories."

Saskia von Diest

South Africa

"Choosing to farm organically and with agroecological practices is the cleaner, kinder choice to protect the only earth that we have, for all the future generations, of all species, human and non-human."

Branislav Andjelic


"Growing organic isn’t only good for the environment or us consumers - growing healthy food & offering it to people in the city is also a profitable business!"

Maya Stolastika Boleng


"I fell in love with the philosophy of organic agriculture: giving kindness to protect our environment sustainably and keep people healthy."

Rita Otu


"I want to encourage farmers to create awareness of the importance of organic farming while we solicit funds for the government to support us. Farmers, #organic is life!"



"In my country, we procure most of the food from other countries, so there’s a campaign to promote local produce. I want to be part of that change! Let’s produce as much food locally as possible so that, at the end of the day, we can be food secure."

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Our Youtube playlist contains a lot more videos from farmers around the world.

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What is #IGrowYourFood?

There are many things connecting people the world over. Food is one of then. We all have to eat! But what about those who grow our food.

How much do we know about the challenges they face and understand the work that goes into producing what we consume?

Why we do it?

You can join us too

There are many ways for you to get involved in the #IGrowYourFood action day. Whether you are a farmer, a like-minded organisation, a policymaker or food enthusiast, we can all join!

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Muhammad, Pakistan

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