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Prashant Mulay

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Country/Territory New Zealand

I remain proactive in the area of Organic Agriculture as keen enthusiast to help engage in personal usage and spreading the word in the friends and families to embrace organic food. The blessings are bestowed upon by Bhaskar Save - Gandhi of Organic Agriculture from Dehri, Gujarat, India. The endeavour is to do our own bit and working towards to source value added food from India to New Zealand.
The passion and drive is to co-create high value nutrition for neurodegenerative disorders to address Dementia. The innovative idea is based on using "milk" from livestock animals and plant based ingredients. It could be emulated to create plant based "mylk" and achieve significant outcome for keeping better health.
The incorporation for the formulation shall involve use of Organic, Fairtrade, Non-timber Forest Products, and FairWild - certified food ingredients.
I am willing to investigate and engage with IFOAM and PGS - producers, growers, farmers, forest dwellers, foragers, from across the globe to create bioeconomy and practice Circular Economy.
I would appreciate an earnest response and approach from the platform of IFOAM and/or PGS.
Thanks and with warm regards,
Prashant Mulay

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