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Anhui Jindunfu Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

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Country/Territory China
Phone +0551-65683411 / 19965458850
Contact Yajian Xu

GoldenFarm focuses on advanced green agricultural science and technology and actively promotes ecological agricultural technology system, including organic certified microbial agents, plant sources and other green and organic agricultural inputs. Our vision is to be committed to the sustainability of farming and to the development and improvement of ecological agricultural industry system including organic agriculture with innovative science and technology.
GoldenFarm has been committed to the research and development of applied technologies and technical services in the fields of biocontrol, soil improvement, plant nutrition, advanced facilities and new materials through the introduction, absorption and integration of innovative technological approaches. Following technology-driven operating principles and based on three technological steps of exploration, demonstration, and validation, GoldenFarm builds and delivers localized ecological application technology, optimizes the crop habitat, addresses the difficulties in farming. Focusing on crop health, GoldenFarm provides ecological solutions and supporting services that coexist in harmony with nature for China’s agriculture, and makes unremitting efforts for the sustainability of crop production.

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