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Country/Territory South Korea
Organization TypeCompany
Phone +82 31 275 2508
Contact Byung Hoon Kim (President)

CafeDa is a consulting company in organic coffee business. We are the headoffice for coffee retail shops, barista academy, and roasting factory, supplying 100% organic coffee beans and other coffee ingredients. We have 3 franchise coffee shops and the number is rapidly expanding. Unlike other coffee retailors, we ONLY use organic coffee beans, which are approved by USDA and BCS, OCIA, MAYACERT, and etc. Also, we ONLY use organic milk, syrups, sauces, flour, eggs, cinnamon, chocolate and sugar. We are proud to introduce 100% organic coffee and waffles. We believe CafeDa is the ONLY organization that provides 100% organic ingredients in coffee business in Korea. We will not change our philosophy of using 100% organic products to any other form of business in the future.

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