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Taiwan Enzyme Village Co., Ltd.

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Country/Territory Taiwan
Phone (886)5 206-5500
Contact Ivy Wang

Company Profile
"Taiwan Enzyme Village Co., Ltd." was established in 2010, and is mainly engaged in manufacturing enzymes.
The company aims to start from the rural areas of Taiwan and go global.
Based on enzymes, we will deeply understand and solve a series of human health problems.

About founder
When the founder "Zheng Jinzhen" was 30, he studied enzyme technology in Japan. After returning to Taiwan, we will fully invest in the enterprise management of enzymes. We will produce the best enzymes with five factors: good bacteria, good raw materials, rich experience, timely consultation, and professional management.
Since 2010, he has been handed over to the chairman of the second generation successor "Zheng Buyuan". He founded Taiwan Enzyme Village Co., Ltd., which is mainly engaged in the manufacture of enzymes and has many customers.

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