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Life Force Group LLC

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Country/Territory Russia
AbbreviationLIFE FORCE
Organization TypeCompany
Phone +7 (495) 231 87 01
Contact Nataliya Tribunskaya

Life Force is an international innovative group of companies that includes modern manufacturing enterprises and a research center dedicated to the study of humic substances.

Life Force has been developing a wide range of products based on humic acids from Leonardite: fertilizers for plants, conditioners for soil restoration under Life Force® trade mark, feed materials and supplements for livestock, poultry and fish nutrition under Reasil® trade mark, products for remediation and decontamination of soil fertility solving the problems of oil-contaminated areas, agents for oil and gas wells drilling under Consatone® trade mark.

We mine leonardite in ecologically clean regions of Siberia, using our own technologies to turn it into high-quality and effective products. Life Force has been actively developing in the field of environmental restoration, land remediation, improving the efficiency and environmental friendliness of drilling fluids.
Our unique research findings are the range of Reasil® feed materials and a litter conditioner with a high content of humic substances. These products can significantly increase the profitability of any poultry and livestock enterprises by increasing productivity, improving quality and ensuring veterinary safety of products, as well as improving the environmental and hygienic conditions of livestock and poultry farming.
In addition to ready-for-use products for the livestock, poultry and crop farming, we offer various types of leonardite as a raw material with a content of humic and fulvic acids from 50 to 90%. We also provide the scientific organizations with leonardite for research and the development of new products.
Life Force’s leonardite is actively used in different countries of the world as an active substance and ingredient by various enterprises that use humic acids and specialize in the production of products under their own brands (trade marks) in such areas as: medicines and dietary supplements for people, products for agriculture, animal husbandry and oilfield service companies.

Learn more about the company: lifeforce.pro
Learn more about Reasil® Technology: reasil.com

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