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Country/Territory China
Organization TypeCompany
Phone +86 10 83613212
Contact Sandy Jiang

Qilian PASTURE Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. (QLSP) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Australian LML in China's animal husbandry sector. We are dedicated to developing authentic, organic agricultural and animal husbandry products and creating a role model for China's high-end organic mutton brands. From the vastest organic land resources, to a complete industrial chain covering organic intelligent production and processing technology, high-standard storage & logistics, and experiential marketing, and to a comprehensive real-time online smart animal husbandry ecosystem, we ensure organic food quality in every aspect to deliver a sense of safety and happiness at table. Focusing on high-quality organic mutton, we have always adhered to the values of quality, innovation and sharing, and the concept of "leave it to nature", and has developed Qilian Mountain Pasture, Snow Rouge, Rouge Sheep and other brands.

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