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Country/Territory France
Organization TypeCompany
Phone +33 973 66 10 17
Contact Julien GONNET

Nitidæ was born from the merging of 2 associations in December 2017 (Etc Terra, 2012 and Rongead, 1983). Mission: design, develop and lead projects that preserve the environment while contributing to the local economy. Expertise: agriculture, markets and value chains ; forest, climate, REDD+ and conservation: an innovative interface which offers integrated solutions for rural territories in Africa. With an operational team of 90 people (economists, engineers, agronomists, forestry specialists, geographers, soil carbon scientists, GIS and remote sensing experts), Nitidæ is currently conducting about 30 projects mainly in Africa. Nitidæ also provides a technical expertise to agro-food industries and cosmetics companies wishing to improve agro value chains performance, mitigate their environmental impact (preserving natural resources, energy efficiency in the process of transformation, carbon offsetting) and stimulate local economic development in conjunction with producer organizations.

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