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Margaret Scoles

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Country/Territory United States of America

I am the Executive Director of the International Organic Inspectors Association, maintaining the office in Montana since 1999. I have 30+ years of inspection experience, teaching inspector training courses, and mentoring inspectors. I served on the founding board of IOIA. IOIA trains hundreds of participants every year. I hold a B.S. in Agriculture from the University of Arizona. I grew up on a small ranch and my husband and I have a cow/calf herd on that family property. I currently serve on the board of IFOAM North America, which I believe can be a catalyst for continuous improvement and adoption of organic practices. We in North America can and should engage more fully with the global organic community for our own good. I have attended several IFOAM GA/OWC events and find connecting with farmers from around the world inspiring and renewing.

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