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Liaoning shangpinwotian Ecological Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd

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Country/Territory China
Phone +13591239082
Contact Wang Ming

Liaoning Shangpin wotian Ecological Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd. is a company which cooperates with international advanced micro ecological technology team, is committed to green ecological and organic agriculture and popularizes its technology in China. Under the condition of scientific management, the technology does not use any chemical fertilizer (the reduction rate of chemical fertilizer is 100%) and chemical pesticides (the reduction rate is more than% 90). At the same time, it greatly improves the immunity of plant species and the nutrient elements of agricultural products, subverts the traditional planting mode of pesticide and chemical fertilizer, and green ecological organic has become the leader of the new planting mode; At the same time, the company also actively introduces the international leading enzyme health food technology into China for the development and production of health food categories, so that Chinese people can also eat the international leading "medicine and food homologous" food! The company's main business is green organic micro ecological technology microbial agent, microecological organic fertilizer, international enzyme health food development and production, green ecology and organic agriculture planting, ecological breeding (poultry, livestock and shrimp, etc.), soil micro ecological technology improvement, water quality improvement and new agricultural planning, etc The service tenet of Liaoning Shangpin wotian Ecological Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. is to use science and technology to make green and healthy enter thousands of households, let our agricultural products export to European Union, Japan and other countries, increase the income of the people, make the people more comfortable, let our countryside more ecological and more charming!!!

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