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L'Albero del Caffè

The Coffee Tree

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Country/Territory Italy

Artisanal roasting firm that works with high quality green coffees coming from organic/biodinamic/fairtrade certified supply chains in which we are involved as quality technicians. The coffees are sold to premium market. We work as copackers.
We work with disadvantaged people, both mental (autism, Down syndrome, etc.) and probation (jailhouse).
We prepare coffees for national and international championships, from the plant care up to the cup.
We assist in cooperation projects (NGOs) on varieties issues, post harvest quality and management, processing plants (set up, rehaul); resilience and development strategies (local market, new markets, management, etc.), energy and water, use of off products (ex. pulps).
We organize and manage internal quality control systems for the major certification standards, including PGS (participatory Guarantee Systems).
We assist Foundation, Agencies, Governments on cooperation projects study, know how and check. We train local technician and assist in public strategies.

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