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New Wholesome Food & Pureland Culture association in Taiwan

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Country/Territory Taiwan
Phone +0905-278-258
Contact Jane Chen

Our goal is teaching farmers switch conventional farming to KKF nature farming. I am teaching free nature farming lectures in Taiwan since 2012. We have 12years of implementation experience and it is successful. We collect humus soil from the forest and use molasses (or brown sugar) and rice brain to cultivate the microbes. Then put theses diverse microbes into the farmland to activate the soil and diversity the soil ecology, so that the crops can grow healthy. Farmers can make their liquid fertilizer and compost and do not need to buy fertilizer from outside. Zero agricultural waste. Such agricultural methods are very suitable for framers in developing countries to lean. These microbes can put into the polluted water, fish pond, river, chicken farm, pigs farm to purity it. Use microorganisms that have existed in nature for hundreds of millions of years to work for you. (I lives in Los Angels, UAS) This association is located in Taiwan R.O.C.

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