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Natures Glory Industries

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Country/Territory Philippines
Organization TypeCompany
Phone +63 322380978
Contact Victor G. Cabral (President / General Manager)

Since 2005, Natures Glory Industries (NGI) has been at the forefront of research and development of eco friendly agricultural products under the Naturesbio brand name. NGI is committed to do its share in preserving Mother Earth in the areas of sustainable farming and environment conservation through its all natural fertilizers, animal protein and probiotic supplements, bio-augmentation for environment. We take pride in providing the agriculture sector with products that protect and
revitalize the entire chain of food production, consumption, and recycling, giving health benefits to our Soil, Air, Water, Plants, Fruits, People, and Animals.
We support the Movement To Save Our Planet
For: Healthy Soil, Air, and Water., Healthy Plants and Fruits., Healthy People and Animals., Healthy World!

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