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Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania

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Country/Territory Tanzania
Phone +255754925560
Contact Janet Maro

SAT Vision
The majority of farmers are using acknowledged agroecological methods to improve their livelihoods, conserve the environment and reduce pressure on natural resources

SAT Mission
To transform farming practices in TZ through proper knowledge dissemination
To build the capacity of farmers so that they can effectively participate in the value chain
To collaborate with relevant partners in public and private sector in order to strengthen their capacity in agroecology
To work as a credible organization, which has a transparent, accountable and cost efficient approach to the holistic transformation of agriculture into an environmentally friendly and economically viable sector.

SAT's core is the uptake of agroecological farming methods, combining environmental protection and economic stability. Our bottom-up approach with innovative strategies such as the Farmers-Centred Research Programme that keeps farmers at the centre and forefront to find joint solutions to challenging problems experienced in the field and the SAT Saving and Lending Groups which build on own savings by farmers (men, women and youth) to give access to finances for investment in agriculture and small enterprises. SAT operates as a social business with whatever financial resources accrued from the trainings as well as sell of agricultural produce is re-invested into the organization and used to cater for farmers beyond the donor funds hence ensuring sustainability of the organization and the interventions. All these approaches are part of the Innovation Accelerator which is SAT tailormade initiative to increase the organic farming uptake in and even outside the country. The Innovation Accelerator builds on SATs core farmer network which contains more than 10.000 farmers. The core farmer network has benefited from SATs resources and activities. In this vibrant pool of farmers which are distributed over 3 regions SAT and farmers can refine, incubate and research on farming methods. All the gained knowledge and experience is afterwards made accessible through a) Farmer Training Centre, b) Farmer Magazine, c) Consulting and d) Production, Processing and Marketing of Organic Products. Through this manifold approach SAT reaches farmers all over the country, NGOs, the Government, public institutions, companies and customers.

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