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Biological Farming Association

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Country/Territory Georgia
Phone +995591195507
Contact Mikheil Pakatsoshvili

The Biological Farming Association Elkana, a Georgian non-governmental organization, was founded in October 6, 1994. The overall objective of the organization is to improve the socio-economic conditions of the rural population of Georgia. Since its establishment, Elkana’s main areas of operation have been:
• To provide extension services to farmers for promoting sustainable, organic farming;
• To offer training and consultancy in rural business development;
• To support community mobilization and the development of self-help processes in rural areas;
• To develop rural tourism;
• To valorise traditional food and wine production and processing;
• To work on the conservation of biodiversity and the sustainable use of agricultural resources, etc.
Elkana operates conservation farm - Seed Ark - in Samtskhe-Javakheti region, where different varieties of wheat and pulses are multiplied for further distribution to farmers. Another conservation farm of local breeds of domestic animals is operational in Kakheti region.

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